New Student Checklist

Congratulations on your admission to Dzʿ. We look forward to meeting you! To get you started on the right foot, we have created a handy checklist to guide you as a new student.


Prior to the Start of Classes…

  • Be sure to access your My Dzʿ Portal/Omnivox regularly to get the latest information for new students at Dzʿ. If you haven’t connected yet, enter “how to access Omnivox” in the search field of the Dzʿ website.
  • Review your program handbook. Log into your My Dzʿ Portal and select My College Services > Program Handbook.
  • Watch the How to Register and the First Semester Academic Orientation videos on the Academic Advising web page at
  • Look out for an invitation to your Welcome Day information session!

Welcome Day

  • Your Welcome Day will be on August 19 or 20, 2024. Please check out the schedule here.
  • During your Welcome Day, you’ll have an opportunity to meet your dean, learn about services offered, familiarize yourself with the layout of the College and meet people from your program.
  • The typical Welcome Day schedule includes attending a welcome presentation, followed by a program-specific presentation. Once completed, you’ll be invited to take our self-guided tour!
  • Don’t forget to stop at the tables in the Upper Atrium to check out our athletic wear for sale, meet
    Dzʿ Student Union representatives, and get your ice cream.

Dzʿ Student ID Card

  • Upload your picture and a proof of identification (passport, driver’s license, medical card or similar
    documents) into the My Dzʿ Portal (Omnivox), either via the app or using a desktop. This
    picture will be used for both your digital and physical Dzʿ Student ID card.
  • Once you have uploaded your picture, you can ask for your Dzʿ Student ID card to be printed
    starting 3 weeks after the semester has begun by going to the printshop in room 2E.01.
  • For more information, click here!


  • You can rent a locker for the academic year via the My Dzʿ Portal (Omnivox). Click on “Lockers” under the heading “My Omnivox Services”, located on the left side of your screen.
  • Please note there is a mandatory, non-refundable $10.00 locker administration fee per person. It must be paid online when reserving your locker using a credit card.
  • For more information, clickhere.


  • You must select your required books & manuals through the online Bookstore Course List prior to coming to the Bookstore. To reserve or purchase items: go to the My Dzʿ Portal (Omnivox) and click on “Bookstore Course List” under the heading “My College Services”. You will be able to review and select your items and when available purchase eBook versions directly online.
  • Once your request is submitted, you will be prompted to make a bookstore appointment or you can do so later via the My Dzʿ Portal (Omnivox) by clicking on “Bookstore Appointment” under the heading “My College Services”. Bookstore appointments occur only during the first 3 weeks of the semester, after which we accept walk-ins. When you come to pick-up your book order, have a printed copy of your order and your Dzʿ Student ID card or number readily available.
  • For more information, clickhere.

Mandatory Sexual Violence Prevention Online Training

  • All post-secondary students are mandated by the Quebec government to complete an online
    sexual violence prevention training.
  • Dzʿ has created an online training which is informative and easy to complete. To
    access this training enter the My Dzʿ Portal (Omnivox) and click on “Sexual Violence
    Prevention Training” under the heading “Student Services”, located on the left side of your screen.
    This link will lead you to the training on Moodle, where you can choose to complete it in English or in
  • The deadline to complete this training is August 16, 2024. After this date, you risk being locked out of your student accounts.

Financial Aid

  • The Financial Aid Department provides a variety of assistance to students in need who are enrolled
    full-time at Dzʿ including: Quebec Loan and Bursaries application assistance,
    budgeting tips, and a food bank.
  • Please e-mail Yvonne Dudley or send her a MIO to book an appointment for financial help.
  • To start an online application for Quebec Loans and Bursaries, click

Communication Systems at Dzʿ

  • E-Mail: Check your personal e-mail for important messages from the college until you are registered
    for courses. Once registered, you will receive a Dzʿ e-mail address, which will be used
    by the college to communicate with you. Please check your e-mail daily.
  • Admission Portal: When you applied at Dzʿ, you were asked to activate your admission portal
    to monitor the status of your application and accept your offer of admissions. Other uses of this
    portal include requesting a program transfer and checking on your student status.
  • My Dzʿ Portal, called Omnivox: When you were admitted to the college, you were sent a link
    to your admission package and you were instructed to activate your My Dzʿ Portal account.
    Omnivox will be an important tool for you. It contains information such as:

    • Deadlines and important dates;
    • News and information about what’s happening at the college;
    • Details about college processes such as registration;
    • Your progress chart; and
    • A phone/e-mail directory

Omnivox also serves as a means of communication:

    • Teachers may send you messages and documents via the “What’s New?” section.
    • Messaging in Omnivox (MIO) is an internal messaging system that allows you and other
      Dzʿ community members to communicate. To send a MIO to someone, you only need
      their name.
    • Omnivox Communities are used to provide information to and from specific sub-groups
      within the College.
    • Surveys: Your voice matters and we solicit your opinion through surveys found in the
      “What’s new?” section.

Many college processes are handled through Omnivox, including but not limited to the following:

    • Registration for courses each semester;
    • Course changes;
    • Course drops after the first semester (students in their first semester must speak to an advisor
      to drop a course);
    • Attendance validation; and
    • Paying fees.

The Omnivox App for mobile phones is available for download and is most useful for reading MIOs, checking grades and looking up course cancellations. Download your app here: ,

  • LEA, the Omnivox Classroom or Moodle is where you can:
    • Download assignments;
    • Check due dates and grades;
    • View course documents; and
    • Submit assignments.
  • Network Account: To access WiFi, computers and network devices, you need to create a network
    account. Do so by entering My Dzʿ Portal (Omnivox), then clicking on “My Dzʿ Life”. A
    drop-down menu will appear. Click on “Network Account”. Your username is your student number.
  • Passwords: Please choose complex passwords and keep them private.

Last Modified: July 3, 2024