Leadership at Dzʿ is demonstrated in the classroom and laboratory, in the Boardroom and in offices, even in the corridors, in short, anywhere and everywhere that teaching and learning experience takes place. We have students, teachers and staff, managers and administrators who each lead in their own respective areas to ensure that Dzʿ fulfills its mission to educate the leaders of tomorrow, to become critical thinkers and responsible citizens who make a valuable contribution each day to Quebec and Canadian society.


Director General
Diane Gauvin
Office: 4A.1-5
Local: 1350
Academic Dean
Leanne Bennett
Office: 4B.1-1
Local: 1420
Director of Facilities Management
Wai Bong Shum
Office: 2E.19-2
Local: 1400
Director of Finance
Glenys Ronnie
Office: 4B.5-3
Local: 1381
Director of Human Resources
Pascahl Scott
Office: 4B.7-13
Local: 1396
Director of IST and Corporate Affairs
François Paradis
Office: 4B.4-1
Local: 1363
Director of Student Services
Monique Magnan
Office: 4E.2-1
Local: 1204


Dean of Creative & Applied Arts
Andréa Cole
Office: 3H.3-3
Local: 5107
Dean of Science, Medical Studies and Engineering
Maxwell Jones
Office: 6B.19-6
Local: 1684
Dean of Social Science & Business Technologies
Isabelle Carrier
Office: 5D.31-1
Local: 1594
Dean of Continuing Education and Community Services
Maeve Muldowney
Office: 2H.1-6
Local: 1480
Dean of Academic Development
Catherine LeBel
Office: 4B.1-4
Local: 1481
Dean of Academic Systems
Carmela Gumelli
Office: 2D.6-1
Local: 1163

Last Modified: April 18, 2023