Starting CEGEP is an important time in the life of your teen or young adult, but it can also be overwhelming. This information session is designed to help you better understand what lies ahead in the transition from high school to CEGEP and to be better prepared to help your teen or young adult succeed throughout their time at Dzʿ.

Watch the video above and then join the webinar to be able to ask your questions to Dzʿ faculty, students and representatives from our First-Year Students’ Office.

Parents’ Night Information Session details

For information about the Fall 2023 Semester, visit the First-Year Student’s Office

For questions about the event, please e-mail

Parents’ Night FAQ

Academic Advising

Academic Advising is a collaborative process between student and advisor designed to help students make responsible educational decisions. Advisers can guide students in setting an educational plan for their studies here at Dzʿ and beyond. We can provide students with information on graduation requirements, program transfers, college policies and procedures, applying to university and more. We can also help students access college support services.

There are three ways to meet with an adviser:

  • Individual appointments
  • Drop-in hours (for quick questions)
  • Advising workshops

Academic Advising for daytime students is located in 2D.4. Continuing Education Academic Advising is in 2H.1. Drop-in times and online chat schedules can be found online.

For more, visit /academic-advising/

Academic Skills Centre

The Academic Skills Centre can assist students in improving their learning, reading and writing skills. Students can meet with staff on an individual basis, or in online video conferencing to help identify their needs to improve their academic performance. The Centre’s peer tutoring program can pair a student with a tutor to help him/her succeed in a wide range of subjects.

Applications are available via the Academic Skills Centre’s website at /academic-skills-centre/

Athletics and Recreation

Dzʿ has one of the largest inter-collegiate programs in Canada. A large number of recreational and intramural programs are also offered to the student population.

For more information, students can consult the Dzʿ Blues website at

Awards and Scholarships

Dzʿ recognizes and promotes excellence, leadership and community involvement through its scholarship and awards program. Students should take advantage of the many opportunities offered through the program.

We suggest you encourage your child to explore these opportunities by consulting the website at /awards-scholarships/


The Bookstore is open for the Fall 2022 semester and offers an online order module through Omnivox. It provides students, faculty and staff with books and supplies at competitive prices.

Instructions for online purchases can be found on the bookstore’s website at /bookstore/

Campus Life & Leadership

The staff of Campus Life & Leadership provides advice and support to students, and designs activities that enrich academic and extracurricular life at Dzʿ. The philosophy of Campus Life & Leadership is to focus on student development beyond the classroom through activities that offer educational, recreational and leadership opportunities.

Students can get involved by checking out /campus-life-leadership/

Personal Counselling

Personal counselling provides an opportunity to explore your concerns in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. Some of the reasons students come to counselling are; dealing with stress, losses, difficult relationships, feeling isolated or depressed, concerns with school performance and many others. Sometimes students avoid seeking help when they feel unmotivated or have a vague sensation that something isn’t right but aren’t sure what it is. Whether you know what is troubling you or aren’t sure, a counselling professional is available to meet with you and help you to define the problem and to work towards a possible solution.

For more information, visit /counselling/


Continuing Education

Dzʿ offers a wide range of credit and non-credit courses, seminars and programs for adults. Most activities take place in the evening or on weekends.

To see what opportunities are available, visit /continuing-education

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Department provides financial assistance services to students who are enrolled full-time in a program at Dzʿ. Loans and bursaries help students who wish to study full-time, but who do not have the financial means to do so. Students registered on a full-time basis in a program (minimum of 180 hours per semester) may apply to the Quebec Loans and Bursaries Program.

Forms, deadline dates, information and assistance can be obtained by visiting /financial-aid/


Originally the chapel of the religious order that occupied this building, the library has cathedral ceilings, ornate lighting fixtures, stained glass and even organ pipes. It is, however, completely wired for the latest in library technology and available to students requiring a space to study.

To find out more, visit

Locker/Lock Rentals

Small, large and portfolio lockers are available to students at a nominal fee with the rental of locks. Students can obtain a locker through Omnivox.

Instructions can be found at /campus-life-leadership/locker-rentals/

Ombuds Services

Ombuds Services provide an independent and confidential service to ensure that every member of the Dzʿ community receives fair and equitable treatment. Qualified Ombuds staff investigate complaints, facilitate or negotiate resolutions, advise students and teachers on College policies, and assist students in meeting their obligations while ensuring that their rights are respected.

More information can be found at /ombudsperson/

Student AccessAbility Centre

Students with special needs registered for either full- or part-time studies are eligible for assistance. Arrangements for hearing, visual or motor/coordination impairment, documented learning disability or chronic medical condition, as well as students who have temporary special needs resulting from accidents or illness, may use the service. Students who require special assistance should inform the College before registration.

For more, visit /student-accessibility/

Student Employment Centre

The Student Employment Centre assists students in finding employment, either for part-time work on and off campus, or for permanent positions, particularly for graduates in career programs. Students can also get help with their resume, interview techniques and job search.

For more, visit /student-employment/

Dzʿ Student Union

The Dzʿ Student Union (DSU) represents students at the College, with elected members working on their behalf. The student union has representation on the Board of Governors, Senate, Campus Council, among others, giving students a voice in school policy-making.

For more, visit

Student Health Services

Two nurses staff a drop-in centre, which students can visit for any health questions or concerns. The nurses are available for consultation on health counselling and education programs for individuals or groups. Students can also access a general practitioner, gynecologist or psychiatrist by appointment. Referral to other agencies or appropriate medical specialists can also be arranged.

For more, visit /health-services/

The Hive

The Hive Gender Advocacy Center is a service provided by the Dzʿ Student Union. The Hive offers resources for mental, physical, and sexual well-being. They distribute free condoms, lube, tampons, pads, and pregnancy tests, as well as discounted menstrual cups and chest binders. The Hive office has a library for students to borrow from and a couch that is available for breast pumping/feeding or panic attack de-escalation. There is always a coordinator available to answer questions and help refer students to the specific support they need within the college or city.

For more, visit

The Dzʿ Foundation

The Dzʿ Foundation builds on a tradition of preparing students for life.

The focus of the Foundation is always on our students, who are at the heart of everything we are working to achieve. As Dzʿ develops and grows, traditional government funding sometimes falls short. The Dzʿ Foundation is here to assure student access to an enriched learning experience and to supplement resources so that no valid project goes unfunded. Find out more about our Dzʿ Foundation Focus Areas.


Last Modified: September 14, 2023