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The CEGEP system offers full-time students two options: three-year Career/Technical programs or two-year Pre-university programs. At Dzʿ, we offer Career programs that prepare you for an exciting career or open the door to further studies at the University level. Our Pre-University programs prepare you for university studies in any discipline that can lead to a rich and fulfilling career in any field.


Disciplines are subjects that you will study within your program. For example, a student enrolled in the Social Science program will take courses in different disciplines like Psychology, Economics, Geography and History. Please note that you cannot apply to a Discipline, you must apply to a program.

General Education

To graduate from Dzʿ, every student must complete the General Education requirements, which include courses in English, French, Humanities and Physical Education.

All students must take four English, three Humanities, two French and three Physical Education courses to meet the graduation requirements of the General Education portion of their college education. Two complementary courses are also required for graduation.


# Type Duration
3D Animation & Computer Generated ImageryProgram3 Years
A Type Duration
Arts, Literature and Communication (ALC)Program2 Years
Accounting and Management TechnologyProgram3 Years
Arts and CultureProfile2 Years
B Type Duration
Biomedical Laboratory TechnologyProgram3 Years
C Type Duration
Civil Engineering TechnologyProgram3 Years
Community, Recreation and Leadership TrainingProgram3 Years
Computer Science TechnologyProgram3 Years
Cinema | CommunicationsProfile2 Years
CommerceProfile2 Years
D Type Duration
Diagnostic Imaging TechnologyProgram3 Years
Decolonization and Indigenization StudiesCertificate
E Type Duration
Electronics Engineering TechnologyProgram3 Years
Electronics Engineering Technology - Computer and NetworksProgram
Electronics Engineering Technology - TelecommunicationsProgram
Education, Family and ChildhoodProfile2 Years
Enriched Health and Life SciencesProfile2 Years
Enriched Pure and Applied ScienceProfile2 Years
EnglishGeneral Education
Environment and Sustainability CertificateCertificate
F Type Duration
FrenchGeneral Education
G Type Duration
Graphic DesignProgram3 Years
General StudiesProfile2 Years
H Type Duration
Health and Life SciencesProfile2 Years
HumanitiesGeneral Education
Hellenic StudiesCertificate
I Type Duration
IllustrationProgram3 Years
Industrial DesignProgram3 Years
Interior DesignProgram3 Years
Interactive Media ArtsProfile2 Years
International Business StudiesProfile2 Years
J Type Duration
JourneysProgram1 Year
L Type Duration
Liberal ArtsProgram2 Years
Laboratory Technology (Analytical Chemistry)Program3 Years
LanguagesProfile2 Years
LiteratureProfile2 Years
Law, Society and JusticeProfile2 Years
M Type Duration
Mechanical Engineering Technology - Automated ManufacturingProgram3 Years
Marketing and Management TechnologyProgram3 Years
Medical Ultrasound TechnologyProgram3 Years
Mechanical Engineering Technology - DesignProgram
Modern LanguagesDiscipline
Multidisciplinary (Methods & Others)Discipline
N Type Duration
NursingProgram3 Years
New SchoolSpecial Area Of Study
P Type Duration
Professional PhotographyProgram3 Years
Professional Theatre (Acting)Program3 Years
Physiotherapy TechnologyProgram3 Years
PathwaysProgram1 Year
Pure and Applied ScienceProfile2 Years
PsychologyProfile2 Years
Political ScienceDiscipline
Physical EducationGeneral Education
Peace Studies CertificateCertificate
R Type Duration
Radiation OncologyProgram3 Years
ReflectionsSpecial Area Of Study
S Type Duration
Social ScienceProgram2 Years
Social ServiceProgram3 Years
Society and TechnologyProgram2 Years
Science, Computer Science and MathematicsProgram2 Years
Studio ArtsProfile2 Years
Social Change and SolidarityProfile2 Years
SPACE: Arts and Sciences Certificate
V Type Duration
Visual ArtsProgram2 Years
W Type Duration
Women’s/Gender StudiesCertificate

Last Modified: October 30, 2023