Bookstore provides students, faculty, and staff with books and supplies at competitive prices.

General Information

Ordering procedures are constantly fine-tuned to ensure that appropriate quantities of books are kept in stock within a time frame that coincides with course requirements.

  • Credit course students: MUST select their required books & manuals through their online Bookstore Course List prior to coming to the Bookstore. Please go to website Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to learn how to get your books.
  • Non-credit CTD students: may purchase material during Bookstore business hours without an appointment or online order. Simply arrive with the BOOK TITLE that you require.

Open Hours

  • Monday to Thursday: 9am – 4pm (closed from 12pm-1pm for lunch)
  • Friday: Closed
  • Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Team Members

Name E-Mail Office Local
Non-Teaching Staff
Dzʿ Bookstore  1F.2  5174 
Kirsten Bowles  1F.2-2  5502 
Stacy Kennedy  1F.2-1  5506 
Suzanne Morzajew  1F.2-3  1120 
Meghan O'Grady  1F.2-2  1403 
Raisa Palencia  1F.2-1  5174 
Leisa Reid  1F.2  5174 
Wai Bong Shum  2E.19-2  1400 
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The College reserves the right to restrict or reduce access to the building at any time to ensure compliance with all Health Protocols and Directives as required by DRSP.

Last Modified: December 1, 2023