Dzʿ ID Card

Dzʿ Student ID Card

  • New and returning Dzʿ students, who DO NOT HAVE a photo on file, are able to submit a picture using the Omnivox Mobile application on their smartphone.
  • Returning students, who do have a photo on file, will keep the existing image.
  • Cards are printed: starting from, middle of February for Winter and middle of September for Fall semesters. It applies to all students, Day, Continuing Education and AEC.
  • You need to have a finalized schedule and a digital Student ID photo on file, before you can receive your card.
  • The digital Student ID photo needs to be submitted and accepted 72 hours prior to requesting a card to be printed.
  • Previously printed Student ID cards are valid, no need to be re-printed.
  • Lost / replacement card costs $10.
  • Student ID cards are printed at 2E.1 Printshop
  • No validation stickers are needed since Winter 2020.
  • The card itself is valid for 5 years. If you need to replace your card, please go to 2E.1 Printshop ; the lost / replacement card costs $10.

Dzʿ Employee ID Card

  • Digital employee ID card request can be sent to Melinda. If there is no photo on file, please send a picture of yourself as well.
  • Printed plastic card can be done at 2E.1 Printshop

CLINICAL Student ID card

Please contact the following people according to the program:


OPUS card information


Last Modified: August 27, 2023